Work Package 1 Panel of Experts Meeting in Bali, Indonesia – February 2017

The Competen-SEA consortium started 2017 with a first project meeting on the shores of the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia between 6-8 of February. The meeting was hosted by Universitas Brawijaya and gathered expert delegates from all partner institutions.

The aim of the meeting was to tackle matters related to the preparation of the project work. The partners discussed and agreed on a common framework and methodology for conducting the feasibility study in all three partner countries: Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. The goal of the study is to investigate and present in a structured and unified way the local context and regulatory frameworks, the status of MOOC adoption and capacities of universities in the region, societal and economic challenges, potential barriers and enablers, certification and accreditation issues and viable business models for MOOCs development and delivery.

Other topics covered during the meeting include a discussion on needs, context, content analyses and pedagogy approaches for reaching disadvantaged communities, as well as organisational readiness for MOOC deployment in the six partner institutions.


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