Meeting with the Ministry of Women Family and Community Development Malaysia

PUTRAJAYA, MALAYSIA, 9 Nov 2017 – In order to strategise for an effective delivery of MOOC for disadvantaged single mothers in Malaysia, alliances need to be built with key governmental and non-governmental agencies in the country that have the mandate and mission to provide support and aid to the relevant single mothers. The Competen-SEA project included in its 2017 workshop in Malaysia, an engagement with the Ministry of Women Family and Community Development Malaysia (MWFCD).

The meeting with the MWFCD took place on the 9th of November 2017 and attended by consortium members and MWFCD officers. The consortium was represented by Noraida Endut, Hafiz Selamat, Allison Kolling, Carlos Delgado Kloss, Carlos Alario-Hoyos, Bianca Vinoya, Maren Scheffel, Andrey Girenko, Rosni Abdullah, Ioana Jivet, Marco Kalz, Armin Weinberger, TC Wan.

Prior to this November meeting, in September, the Malaysian partner representative met with Mr Chua Choon Hwa, the Secretary of the Policy and Strategic Planning Division of the ministry to brief the ministry about the Competen-SEA project and to plan for the stakeholders’ meeting. The stakeholders’ meeting was chaired by Ms Dayang Shalbia Abdul Ghani, the Deputy Secretary of the Policy and Strategic Planning Division. Representatives of the Gender Policy Unit and Women’s Development Department of the Ministry also attended the meeting.

In the meeting, Marco Kalz made a presentation introducing the project to the Ministry. A discussion ensued to clarify further details especially about expectations of Competen-SEA towards the Ministry and how the Ministry can help the project. The meeting concluded with a general agreement on these points:

  • The Ministry generally lauds the project and agrees about its potential benefits to single mothers in Malaysia.
  • The Ministry is willing to assist the project in getting access to groups of single mothers in Malaysia who are beneficiaries of programmes under the Ministry. The assistance may be in various ways that are within the capacity and terms of reference of the Ministry’s agencies.
  • The Ministry is willing to share information about other links that the project can pursue in developing MOOC for single mothers.

The meeting adjourned after about two hours of presentation and discussions.

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