Consortium meeting in Delft half-way through the project

Delft, The Netherlands. On the eve of the OEGlobal 2018 conference, all Competen-SEA partners gathered in a consortium meeting to discuss the current state of the project and upcoming activities. The morning kicked off with a short introduction of the lead partner, OUNL, with updates about coordinator changes and outcomes of the submission of the first technical report. The programme continued with work package (WP) updates.

The feasibility study (WP1) has been finalised and the feasibility reports, as well as recommendations for MOOC development in SE Asian countries, are available on this website under the Results section.

UC3M delegates presented the report on the staff capacity building programme, i.e., a series of MOOC development workshops delivered in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia in the previous six months as part of WP2. As part of WP2, the consortium partners have also made available an online helpdesk in order to follow up on the training programme and to support the further capacity building activities. The helpdesk is maintained by European and local experts to provide supporting consultation until the end of the project.

The lead of WP3, USAAR, reported about their recent support trip visiting partners from Indonesia and Malaysia to conduct co-design workshops with the partners in order to reach a first draft of the MOOC designs. UC3M is planning a similar visit at the end of July. Further, the SEA partners shared updates about the development status of their respective MOOCs. 

Under the lead of GIRAF, the consortium discussed issues related to the evaluation and quality control of the developed MOOCs (WP4).

The work package updates were closed by AMU with discussions on the status of the website, dissemination materials in general and the final conference of the project. The partners also discussed the upcoming panel that would take place at the OEGlobal 2018 conference, as well as submissions and dissemination activities at the ICCE 2018 in Manila.

The programme ended with an open floor for remaining issues or work in smaller groups to discuss MOOC designs, dissemination activities or other topics. The evening concluded with dinner and social drinks. 




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