Competen-SEA consortium holds a panel at the OE Global 2018 conference

Delft, The Netherlands, April 2018 – The Competen-SEA consortium held a symposium entitled MOOCs with a purpose in Southeast Asia. The panel was moderated by Prof. dr. Carlos Delgado Kloos, while the invited speakers were members of the consortium: Dr. Poline Bala and Prof. dr. Narayanan Kulathuramajyer from University Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia, Dr. Achmad Basuki from Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia, Dr. Alwin Melkie Sambul from Universitas Sam Ratulangi, Indonesia, Dr. Peter Sy from University of the Philippines System, Philippines, and Prof. dr. Armin Weinberger from Saarland University, Germany.

In the symposium, the Competen-SEA consortium outlined how MOOCs are a means to move beyond an academic population and towards an open resource for knowledgeable community building. In particular, different MOOC contexts and respective designs could be presented to explore differences and commonalities. While the instructional designs of the SEA-MOOCs range from c- to x-MOOC, all MOOCs share objectives on different social levels. On a personal level, the MOOCs build on video for communicating basic theoretical knowledge for educating disadvantaged groups with partly low literacy to meet professional requirements and face economic challenges. On a community level, all MOOCs include social support and preservation of ecosystems and cultures, which combine face-to-face and social online components such as peer teaching, peer review, sharing and showcasing resources. On a national level, the consortium discussed possibilities of scaling up and growing beyond single courses towards building a “MOOC hub”, a platform for multiple SEA-MOOCs.

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