UC3M visited UNSRAT in Manado, Indonesia


Prof. Carlos Delgado Kloos and Carlos Alario-Hoyos from UC3M visited UNSRAT in Manado (Indonesia) in the week of January 21, 2019. As part of this visit, it was possible to discuss the state of the MOOC to be produced by UNSRAT on entrepreneurship for isolated fishing communities and to verify the creation of an audiovisual studio for the production of educational videos, co-funded by the COMPETEN-SEA project. Among the activities done during the visit stands out the training workshop conducted, which was focused on the production of contents for MOOCs; the specific contents of this workshop were adapted to the particular context of entrepreneurship, offering best practices and examples from other well-known related MOOCs. In total, 13 teachers and support staff from UNSRAT attended this workshop.

In addition, a public lecture was held with about 70 attendees (both professors and students), with the title “The transformational effect of digitalization in education”. Other activities carried out during the visit included meetings with the Rector and Vice-Rectors of UNSRAT, with the Dean of the Engineering Faculty, a visit to the audiovisual studio for producing educational videos, and discussions with the UNSRAT team on the next steps in the technical implementation and administrative reporting of the COMPETEN-SEA project.


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