USM holds a hands-on workshop to introduce participants to the JomDuit! MOOC

The COMPETEN-SEA USM team conducted a 3-hour hands-on introduction workshop for the participants of the pilot project to the online course, JomDuit!. The objectives of the workshop were to get the participants to:

  1. create an email using Gmail
  2. register an account on the COMPETENSEA EdX platform
  3. register for courses and get started on learning.

The workshop was kicked off with welcoming remarks by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hafizah Selamat. Next, Prof. Dr. Noraida Endut explained the project and provided details regarding the submission of the final individual project.

Dr. Radziah Adam started the workshop with an ice-breaking activity – Draw Yourself in the Rain. All nine participants enjoyed the activity and engaged in the debriefing.

The online courses are available online on The COMPETEN-SEA USM team will provide continuous support to the learners through a WhatsApp group, a Facebook page and other means as necessary.

The organisers are grateful to Mr. Iznan Husainy from the USM National Advance IPv6 Centre (NAv6) for supporting with fast internet connection and laptops, Pn. Marhaini Abu Bakar, Director of Jabatan Pembangunan Wanita Pulau Pinang (JPWPP), Pn. Siti Zaharah Sulaiman, Deputy Director, as well as Pn. Zahirah Zakaria, Penyelia Dewan Nur Tasek Gelugor, for their continuous support and cooperation in providing the venue and facilities, and to Farah and Yasri, both from KANITA USM,  for helping throughout the session!

Author: Dr. Radziah Adam, USM

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