Competen-SEA MOOCs are now available!

Competen-SEA is the first international project aimed at building institutional capacities in Southeast Asia to design, develop, promote and deliver massive open online educational services (MOOCs) for public outreach with the goal of solving various economic and social problems.

The developed MOOCs are now available for free!

1. Supporting single mothers in Malaysia

The MOOC in Malaysia focuses on supporting single mothers who are regularly socially disadvantaged with a negative impact on their educational career and subsequently their employment opportunities.

The MOOC developed by USM covers 6 modules as shown below and is accessible here:

The MOOCs developed by UNIMAS covers 7 other modules and a community scholar circle and can be found here:

2. Supporting fishermen and coastal communities in Indonesia

The focus of the Indonesian MOOC will be on eco-tourism and alternative employment opportunities and entrepreneurship in the fishery sector and in coastal communities. Two MOOCs are available on Marine Ecotourism by UB (video introduction) and on Maritime Entrepreneurship by UNSRAT (video introduction). The MOOCs are openly available online in the local language here: or offline on portable MOOC servers, a solution for rural areas with limited electricity and internet access.

3. Supporting rural health workers in the Philippines

For the MOOC on the Philippines, the target group of rural health workers plays an important role in the social cohesion of the rural communities. The MOOC offers them an opportunity for professional development. The special focus on data quality will also have an impact on the health system of the region as a whole. The content of the MOOC modules was developed in cooperation with the Provincial Health Office of the Pangasinan region. The MOOC is available in both Filipino and English here:

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