On this page, you can find materials that were prepared by the consortium partners for the training workshop that will take place in Malang, Indonesia in February 2018 as part of the capacity building programme on designing MOOCs.

We are very excited that you have chosen to participate in the COMPETEN-SEA workshop. In order to maximize our time, we have produced a series of short video lectures and some documents to supplement our in-person training sessions. We encourage you to take the time to view the lectures and read over the documents before the start of the workshop.

If your time is short, please prioritize the first three videos and the motivational design handout as we will be having hands-on sessions based on the information provided in these resources.

We are looking forward to working with you in Malang!

Workshop preparation materials

Video series on instructional design
Handout on motivational design Guideline on MOOC production


Monday – 12th of February

Competen-SEA project overview Context and status of MOOCs
Indonesia feasibility study (UNSRAT) Indonesia feasibility study (UB) 
 Instructional design basics 1      Instructional design basics 2


Tuesday – 13th of February

Instructional design basics 3 Producing a MOOC in OPENedX
Motivational design E-moderating 


Wednesday – 14th of February

Designing and producing a MOOC Micro-design in edX – Videos
Micro-design in edX – Activities Learning analytics
 — coming soon —  
Quality assurance Business modelling